Located in Munich, Germany, I produce Beats in my free time and sell them on this website. So far, so good. Let us take a look at who is behind these scene crushing beats.

Hi, my name is Laurentius Becker and I produce a lot of beats for musicians I like to work with or for my own musical productions, which I puplish under my artist name Only For Experts.

Originally I started with less than 150€ in equipment. Quickly I bought my favorite DAW, which is Fruity Loops Studio 20. Then I started to expand my plugin scape and sound scape with investments in the thousands of Euros. Today i possess a complete studio environment.

With my musical productions i want to change the music scene. Believe me, I’ve seen disgusting things there. Self proclaimed musicians not doing any other work than recording their voice onto a text and beat which is not their own. Dark rituals being practiced onto fans by manipulating their subconscious minds.

I’ve seen the whole music scene and escpecially the hip hop scene taken over by the private prison industry. Think about that – 25 years ago we did not have these musicians the younger people listen to today. They are promoting drugs, sex and crime and that is all they have to offer. After 2Pac was murderded everything changed. If you believe, there is a planned infiltration and conspiracy behind these changes, I am fine with that conclusion. I do not comment on that matter. I just observe these things.

Listen to my beats. You will notice some differences to the beats you are habituated to listen to. I give you a hint – while 99% of world wide music production is located at 440 Hz, a frequency proven to hurt mind and body, my music is located at 396 Hz, a frequency proven to heal mind and body.

But that is by far not all which is different in my beats and general music production.

Take a look and feel it for yourself.

May God be with you.