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A quick overview regarding the rights and differences between the Premium License and the Exclusive License.

Producer Tags on the BeatXX
Commercial UseYesYes
Royalty FreeYesYes
24 Bit Wav Single Lines IncludedIncluded
Distribution LimitsXX
Use in TV, Radio, Airplay, Live EventsYesYes
Use in Streaming PlatformsYesYes
Customization of the BeatYesYes
Need to give me creditXX
Only one Licensing per BeatXYes
Only you and me are allowed to use the beat and no one elseXYes

As you can see there are little differences between a Premium Beat and an Exclusive Beat. The difference is that I will license a Premium Beat to everyone interested while an Exclusive Beat will be licensed only once and for all to the first one to buy it.

That means, a Premium Beat will be used by many. An Exclusive Beat is licensed exclusively to the first buyer.